About old zealand

Old Zealand Athletic Club is a competitive post-collegiate running and racing group serving the greater Denver area. Attempting to embody the lost concept of the amateur runner, our belief is that you don't have to sacrifice training and racing at a high level for a full-time job. The group is comprised of runners focusing on distances from 800m to the marathon. See the PRACTICE page for times and locations of planned runs/workouts, and the TOUR page to view the upcoming racing schedule. Want to get in on the action? See the CONTACT page and come join us for a run!


It all started when...

For many years, Mike "Mad Dog" Matuszak dreamed of creating the fastest distance running team in Denver, so badly in fact, that to this day, it is still listed on his Tinder bio. Mike and his fellow schemer, Henry "Wolf" Wolf, attempted to achieve this goal in many ways; from hopelessly badgering around Wash Park, to paddy-wagoning his way through downtown, Mike's efforts were fruitless, even multiple hard sessions of SatPerks couldn't quench his thirst for speed...

By the summer of 2016, the duo was in need of a reprieve from the stress and frustrations of the prior year. They embarked on a quest to the beautiful island nation of New Zealand in search of inspiration. During the sabbatical, Mike and Henry became enthralled with all-blacks rugby, the Kiwi bird, the Kiwi fruit, and the Kiwi people.

Then it dawned on them - Mike and Henry could bring the culture and charm of old-world New Zealand back to their adopted home of Denver, CO and attempt to integrate it into their dream team.

Not long after returning to the Mile High City, Mike and Henry found just the Kiwis they needed to make this dream a reality. In fall 2016, they joined forces with Cornell's fastest Kindergarten steepler, an infamous Prius smuggler from Texas, and a backwards southern gentleman from the hills of Tennessee and gave birth to the Old Zealand Athletic Club.


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