Spring '18

The OZAC Spring season ended a few weeks ago at the Colfax Marathon. Over the last few months we've run fast and slow, on tracks and roads, at altitude and at sea level, in wonderful and awful weather.

CSU-Pueblo Spank Blasing Invite - 3/31/18
The first official outdoor track meet of the year saw a gang of Kiwis run a track 5k at the Spank Blasing Invite in lovely Pueblo, CO. Although the track is situated in a so-called "Thunder Bowl", it proved to be more of a wind bowl, with antagonistic gusts on the homestretch reaching 20+ mph during the race. The wind wasn't enough to stop Kailas as he led the Kiwis with a 2nd place finish. The OZAC group was so large, it overwhelmed the timing company and several of our actual performances were muddled. Chaz was the second Kiwi finisher, running a solid 5k off of marathon training. Just weeks after his runner-up finish at the Woodlands Marathon, Mike ran a steamy race, executing the hang-onto-Chaz-as-long-as-possible plan to perfection. Davey continued his foray into shorter distances, following his Hearne kick-down in the CO Springs 5k two weeks prior with an identical time on the track today. Henry tried to hang with Davey, but eventually fell off. Hearne's back was acting up and he opted not to race today.

Kailas 15:36
Chaz 16:16
Dog 16:42
Davey 16:58
Henry 17:12
Hearne DNS (incorrectly shown in results as 16:16 and put Chaz's at 16:28)

Tennessee Relays - 4/13/18
Davey's original plans for a fast track 10k were dashed when he found out last-minute that the event would not be held. He ran a tough 5k instead, going out aggresively and hanging onto a pack running a fast pace as long as he could. He finished in 16:35, very near his personal best.

Boston Marathon - 4/16/18
Where to begin? Chaz made his Boston Marathon debut, returning to his hometown with hopes of besting his own national marathon record. By now we all know how terrible the weather conditions were, with frigid rain falling and strong headwinds blowing throughout. The chilly, damp conditions coupled with fatigue from redeye flights and numerous press appearances took their toll. After the half, Chaz's neuropathy really started acting up and he lost feeling in his legs. He fell a few times, but with help from the Mikes (Wardian and Matuszak) and a superhuman amount of grit he finished in 2:56:22.
Butcher also competed at Boston, running a perfectly executed race, winning the war of attrition. His effort was good for 2:39:42 and 136th overall.

Cherry Creek Sneak - 4/22/18

In the 10 mile, Seth, Kailas, and Charles scored 21 points for Old Zealand in the unofficial team race, taking 1st, 2nd, and 6th, respectively. Zach took the first non-scoring OZAC position in 19th. In the 5 mile race, Dave 5k moved up by nearly 2 miles to win, well ahead of the legendary RUNNER UNKNOWN, who could only scrounge up a 28th place finish.

Seth 51:55 (Club record)
Kailas 54:14
Charles 57:04
Zach 62:08
Dave 5k 26:32

Pittsburgh Marathon - 5/5/18
Davey continued his season of travel, capping the spring with a half at the Pittsburgh Marathon. He ran 1:16:03 and is really excited to get back to full training.

The O.C. Marathon - 5/6/18
Dirty Dave Marx ran a near perfect race at the O.C. Half. With dead-even splits Dave cruised to the win in 1:05:51.*

Sam Williams Twilight Qualifier - 5/12/18
Never one to learn from past mistakes, Mike returned to Kansas to race at another random institution of higher learning. Emporia State proved to yield no better results than Ottawa University, but misery loves company and he was able to convince Kailas to make the journey with him. Although not reaching their goal times, they swept the field of three finishers and netted a perfect 18 points for the Land! Kailas took the W with his 15:48 and Mike followed in 16:17. Despite the incredibly detailed results sheets from this invite, OZAC management has put a moratorium on all further racing in Kansas.

NCC Gregory Final Qualifier - 5/16/18
Mike headed to his alma mater for track redemption. He set a new personal best, covering the 10k in 32:28. Mike's former high school teammate Brett handled pacing duties until the final stages of the race, breaking away to finish in 31:56.

Colfax Marathon - 5/20/18
A gaggle of Kiwis closed their seasons at the Colfax Marathon, in what turned out to be our largest contigent to compete at a local road race. 

Seth ran the full, making his debut at the distance. Things were looking good as he passed through 20M at 2:28 pace and pulled within 30 meters of the leader. However, as he exited Mile High Stadium one of the posted race officials neglected their guide duties and allowed Seth to make a wrong turn and lose the course. This error added an additional 1.5 miles to his race and effectively robbed him of a sub-2:30 time and the win. Zach, the cagey veteran, returned to Colfax and improved on last year's performance with a 2:48:21, good for sixth place.


"Fuck Kaiser Permanente" - Kilas Kipkore

"Fuck Kaiser Permanente" - Kilas Kipkore

On the half side, Dave led from the gun and ran a solid race only two weeks after his standout performance at The O.C. He wound up taking 2nd overall with a 1:08:02. Kailas made his debut at the half, cashing in his 100 mile weeks for a new club record 1:10:40 and finishing 4th. Cale returned from the grave to run 1:13:38, good for 8th. Henry narrowly missed the results first page, running 1:17:10 for 11th.

Charles ran a 35:23 opening 10k leg in the marathon relay. His team eventually finished in 4:18:33. I made up both of these times, but you get the point.

Seth 2:41:40
Zach 2:48:24
Dave 5k 1:08:02
Kailas 1:10:40 (Club Record)
Cale 1:13:38
Henry 1:17:10
Chuck 35:23 (10K leg)


Dettmer Marathon - 5/25/18
After a 9 month build-up, Micah and Stephanie set the new club record for creating life, welcoming beautiful Eluid Usain Dettmer into the world at 5xVaporflys. They plan to limit his mileage to the 50's until adolescence.

Future World Record Holder Eluid Usain Dettmer

Future World Record Holder Eluid Usain Dettmer

* now that Meb has retired from competition, Skechers has been looking to OZAC to provide their next round of stars. Seth and Dave have been competing under the Skechers Performance banner and in their singlets. Although these are great races, they were not run in an OZAC kit and are therefore not eligible for our club records page.