Zero Kiwis Implicated in NYT Salazar Doping Article and Cray May Recap

May has been a busy month for racing for the Kiwis. Jay and Ye might even deem it "cray." Mere hours after Eluid Kipchoge fell short in man's (or just Nike's) quest to break 2:00 in the marathon, several bold Kiwis made a similarly shocking attempt - break 9:30 in a "friendly" 3K time trial. Micah courageously led Henry and Hearne through 2400m just slightly ahead of pace before dropping out and leaving them to settle the score of who would buy the other's beers that evening mano a mano. Henry ultimately came out on top narrowly eclipsing the goal in 9:29. Hearne finished close behind in 9:34. Said Hearne after the performance: "I haven't done it, but I now know it's possible. The world is only 4 seconds away."

"The world is only 4 seconds away"

"The world is only 4 seconds away"


The following week, Mike and Micah both ran 5K at the Friday twilight Colorado School of Mines Last Chance (5/12), with Micah running 16:32. Unfortunately, for Mike his 5K took place in the 10K and all he got for a time was a lousy DNF.  Hearne returned to Marv (not Mary) Kay Stadium on Sunday (5/14) to run a 4:21 in the 1500. Never one to rest on his laurels, he returned to the track less than an hour later to deliver a convincing last-place performance, running 2:07 for the 800. The same weekend, Henry journeyed to Boston to race at the Battle Road Twilight Meet where he ran a new lifetime best in the 5K, finishing in 15:31 and sparking a 10,000 word recap in his running log.

Last weekend it was time for the longer distances to shine. Zach and Brandon competed in the Colfax Marathon. Zach placed 6th overall in the full, running 2:46, which with altitude conversion is roughly a 2:00:25 effort. Brandon ran 1:22 for the half, a result that you can find on Strava, but not in the official results - weird. While the others were suffering at a mile up, Mike took to the cheesy streets of Packer country for the Green Bay Marathon. Mike earned his comped entry, finishing 8th overall in a tick (literally) under 1:14.

In a bit of good news, no OZAC athletes were mentioned in the New York Time's investigation into the Nike Oregon Project. Our money was on Chaz.

The track season is winding down, but we're still meeting for practice:

Tuesday - 5/23/17

     -  West Middle School @ 6 PM


Saturday -   5/27/17

   -  LR @ Magnolia Rd

Monday - 5/29/17

   -  RACE @ Bolder Boulder

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