Ottawa Braves, Nature's Bakery Invite, Horsetooth Half, Cherry Creek Sneak and Some Race in Massachusetts

The last few weeks have been busy and filled with racing for the Kiwis. A small contingent ventured out beyond the Kansas part of Colorado into the Kansas part of Kansas for the Ottawa Braves Invite. They avoided boredom-induced accidents by letting Chaz drive the whole way and eating burritos that were intent on finishing out their lives in Colorado. Despite the eventful trip, the performances were underwhelming with Micah, Mike, Kronk!, and Davy fighting through a windy 5k to finish in 16:07, 16:38, 16:58, and 17:03, respectively.

A little more than a week later Davy traveled to Boston to compete in the 1423rd running of the Boston Marathon to celebrate Paul Revere's warning run from Lexington to Concord. It could have gone better, but he fb offish made mama proud!


Last weekend saw Kiwis compete all along the front range. Mike and Hearne returned to Fort Collins to race in the Horsetooth Half Marathon. Mike beat rival Brianne (of Tarth) Nelson by forfeiture, but was unable to reproduce last year's third place finish despite running within one second of last year's 77:36. The Hearne Fern Termination Tour continued, with Kevin improving a ridiculous 10 minutes on last year to finish in 79:37. Further south, Chaz picked up the W in the Cherry Creek Sneak, cruising to a 16:55 5k. The hottest races of the weekend went down at the Colorado School of Mines Nature's Bakery Invite. Micah ran a strong 15:30 5k, a new PR when altitude adjusted.  He was followed by Kronk! in 16:26.

This week's workouts:

Tuesday - 4/25/17

     -  West Middle School @ 6 PM

      2k, 5x1k, 400, 200 rest OR

      6M Fartlek

Saturday -   4/29/17

   -  RACE @ CSM Pre-Conference Invite

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