Jerry Quiller Recap and 3/25/17 training schedule

Two weeks ago, some Old Zealanders competed at the Jerry Quiller Classic at CU-Boulder. It was a hot day and some good outdoor openers were run. Micah kept up his streak of running exactly his seed time with a 4:10 1500. Kevin's reign of terror continued with a second consecutive win of his heat, finishing in 4:24. In a move that still baffles some members of OZAC, Chris ran a tempo 3K, finishing in 9:43 and collecting a scalp along the way. When asked about the finish after the race he could only gasp, "I'm seven episodes into Westworld now and I still have no idea what's going on." Last week Micah raced the Colorado College Invitational, finishing in third with a 9:03 3k.

This week there will be two team runs:

Tuesday - 3/28/17

     -  West Middle School @ 6 PM

      5x9' @ 6:00/M w/ 1' rest OR

      20x400m @ 72 w/ 1' rest

Saturday -   3/31/17

   -  9 AM LR @ Highline Canal Trail OR

       RACE @ U Northern Colorado or Fort Hays, KS

If you have any questions or want to join in on the fun, please fill out the questionnaire on our CONTACT page or send us an email at