Last weekend Micah, Henry, Mike, and David raced at the CSM Davie's Invite, finishing the 3K in 9:19, 9:33, 9:47, and 10:00, respectively. In a brave but misguided effort reminiscent of Pickett's Charge, Micah, Mike, and David doubled back for the mile and hit a wall just as the Confederate forces did, limping to 4:47, 5:08, and 5:12 finishes.

This week there will be two team practices:

Tuesday - 2/21/17

     -  West Middle School @ 6 PM

      4x1M w/ 1' rest OR

      2M-1M-1M OR


Saturday -   2/25/17

   - RACE @ Illinois Club Relays OR

     9 AM LR @ Highline Canal Trail 

If you have any questions or want to join in on the fun, please fill out the questionnaire on our CONTACT page or send us an email at