Training Schedule - Week of 1/22/17

OZAC had a strong season opener at CSM Twilight last week. Chris ran 2:02 in the 800, Micah ran 4:38 in the mile, and David ran 17:31 in the 5000m. Due to the altitude and the fact that the Mines track is flat and 185.5738678 meters a lap, with conversion three OZAC athletes sit atop international leaderboards.* This week there will be two team runs:

Tuesday - 1/24/17

          - West Middle School @ 6PM

           3x15' OR 5x9' @ 6:00/M OR 16x300m @ 50"->45"

Saturday - 1/28/17

          - Magnolia Rd OR Waterton Canyon @ 9AM

          14-18M Long Run

If you have any questions or want to join in on the fun, please fill out the questionnaire on our CONTACT page or send us an email at

* At time of printing.**

** This may or may not be true.