Winter/Spring 2019 Recap

In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer — Albert Camus

The long winter/spring season featured a diverse mix of kiwis racing short and long courses on the road, indoor, and outdoor track. A number of PRs were lowered by athletes not afraid of going to the well, taking out a shovel, and digging that well even further. Chronological results and recap below:

Frosty's Frozen Five Mile - 1/26/19 - David P (28:36, 2nd place)

David kicked off the wintry season with a solid tempo effort at Frosty's (not the Wendy's kind) Frozen Five Mile.

Colorado Invitational 5k - 2/2/19:

Garret 15:56 24th

Mike 16:18 29th

David P 16:40 36th

Following tradition, a trio of kiwis made their way to Boulder to race the 5k at the inaugural indoor track meet. With dreams of sub 16, Garret accomplished this goal, with Mike and David holding on as long as they could.

Mountain Lion Invite - 2/9/19:

Mike 4:46 17th (Mile)

Mike 9:54 13th (3k)

In preparation for the legendary Illinois Club Relays, birthday boy Mike did the Daily Double, wagering all his points. His mile was right on goal pace, but like a car stuck at the bottom of a canyon, he simply ran out of gas in the 3k. Official reports from kiwis present confirm that this brand new indoor track facility was solid, but were unable to comment on the led pacing system (

Snowman Stampede Half Marathon - 2/23/19 - Garret (1:18:13, 1st place)

Despite snowy/icy conditions along his favorite Mary Carter Greenway, Garret "took the bull by the horns" and won the half marathon, crushing the nearest competitor by over 4 minutes. His prize was a full-sized snowman, which promptly melted from the strong Colorado sun.

Illinois Club Relays - 2/23/19:

Mike 8:55 13th (3k) PR, Club Record

Mike 4:41 35th (Mile)

In what would be his magnum opus of the season, Mike took on the daily double once again. This time however, he was able to come away with a big unexpected PR & club record, but still performed like the car in the canyon in his second race of the day. He was later quoted as saying, "I just ran the 3k like a marathon."

Carthage Final Qualifier 5k - 3/1/19 - Mike (15:53, 1st place, Club Record)

Wrapping up his Midwest tour, Mike made his way north of the (IL-WI) border to Carthage College, trying to take down that 9 year old PR of 15:32. A foolish takeover of the pace after 1200 meters propelled him to the front, back on pace, but this move would prove too aggressive. Despite this, he was able to establish a new club record for the indoor 5k.'s%20Results.pdf

Atlanta Olympic Trials Marathon Course Preview 8.2 Miler - 3/2/19 - Brett (44:14, 38th place)

Friend of Old Zealand Brett Lustgarten (sporting his new Rabbit-branded OZAC jersey) took on the hills of Atlanta as part of his prep for the 2020 Olympic Trials. He was quoted as saying, "It's super hilly. Just constant up and down with no flat stretches."

Jerry Quiller Classic 3k - 3/16/19:

Chaz Davis 9:20 9th

Chris Christoff 9:36 11th

Returning to the track for the first time in over a year, Chaz and Chris ran smart races, building throughout and maintaining good form. Despite the high level of security at this near-IAAF Platinum level track meet at CU-Boulder, fans were still able to enjoy the race and cheer on competitors.'s_3,000m__Run/

Runnin' of the Green 7k - 3/17/19:

Garrett Lee 23:28 1st

Matt Chu 25:24 14th

Daniel Holligan 25:55 20th

Packing on a mini long run prior to the race, Garret once again used his tactic involving bulls and horns to dominate this scarcely raced 7k distance. Relative newcomers to the group Chu and Dan put in solid efforts to crack the 26 minute barrier.

Kit Mayer Invite 10k - 4/13/19 - Henry (34:36, 18th place, PR)

In his last hard effort before the "hometown glory" marathon in Chambana, IL, Henry took to the Golden track at Mines. By strict order of coach David, Henry stuck to a first 5k at 104% marathon pace then went into decimation mode, clicking off 5:25s. This well executed strategy led to a big PR for Wolf.

Boston Marathon - 4/15/19:

John Butcher 2:37:16 267th

Leo Palomera 2:45:33 681st PR

Matt Chu DNF

On (New England) Patriots Day, Butcher and newcomer Leo took to the streets of Boston in search of decent marks. As a result of significantly better weather this year, Butcher went for that elusive FukQual mark of 2:35, cruising the mostly downhill first half in 1:17:02, but ultimately succumbed to the Newtonian Hills, coming home in a personal best course record. Hot off his best training cycle ever, Leo grinded his way through the hills and came home with a 5+ minute PR. Plagued by a tight glue, Matt Chu made it halfway through the streets of Boston before having to drop out.

Nature's Bakery Invite 5k - 4/20/19 - Chaz (16:49, 3rd place)

Continuing the namesake of the tour, Chaz attempted to get an altitude 5k PR on the Golden track of Mines. Hit by the strong-burning sun, Chaz gritted his way through the race (and most of the field).

Illinois Half & Full Marathon - 4/27:

John Butcher 1:11:05 9th

David Proffitt 1:13:48 15th

Brett Lustgarten 2:21:49 4th

Henry Wolf 2:38:13 13th PR

In the Chambana Half, both Butcher and David were able to put up their 2nd best times ever for the distance. Meanwhile, in the full, Brett chased after some Kenyans for nearly half the race before getting stuck in no man's land. Henry ran conservative early on in the race, once again following the advice of coach David, and came away with a 44 second PR.

London Marathon - 4/28/19 - Garret Lee (2:24:38, 19th, PR)

Following his greatest training season ever, Garret traveled across the pond to decimate his marathon PR. That he did. Aggressively hitting the halfway point in 1:11:17 (only 30 seconds off his PR), Garret tried to continue that pace, but wound up just under 2:25, a 13+ minute PR and the top mark for the Belgrave Harriers (UK).

Eugene Marathon - 4/28/19:

Kyle King 2:18:04 1st PR

Chris Boyle 2:29:06 9th PR
Capping off the biggest racing weekend in team history, Kyle King and Chris Boyle made their returns to both the marathon and their college stomping grounds for the Eugene Marathon. Both had exceptionally stellar performances and finished in the top 10, with King taking the overall W and posting the team’s first OTQ in 2:18:04 (largely due to a half split timing mat being off by 0.3 miles), and Boyle coming through strong in 9th with 2:29:06.

Bellco Colfax 5k - 5/16/19 - Chris Christoff (16:33, 3rd)

Continuing his season of returning, Chris hit the roads for a 5k in conjunction with the locally known Colfax Marathon. Attempting to stick with the leaders as long as possible, he found himself in the dreaded no man's land in this small race, but held onto his third place spot.

BolderBoulder 10k - 5/27/19:

Charles Remillard 33:54 43rd

Chris Boyle 34:25 58th

Chris Christoff 34:46 76th

David Proffitt (aka Runner Unknown) 35:35 107th

Dan Holligan 36:27 174th

Several kiwis (+ friends of Old Zealand) compete at the world famous BolderBoulder 10k on Memorial Day. Despite the usual slip and slides, beer bongs, and polka faces, the crew put in solid efforts, led by Charles (in his first race back since CIM last December).

Portland Track Festival 5k - 6/8/19 - Chris Christoff (15:37, PR 31st)

To wrap up the tour, Chris ventured out to Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, to compete in the prestigious Portland Track Festival. Running fairly consistent splits through the race, Chris closed hard the last 400 and came away with a brand spankin' new PR.

Fall 2018 Recap

“Autumn’s sweet, we call it fall”

This fall season we had fun international marathons, good team cross country races, and some phenomenal performances at CIM! We’re also excited to have recently partnered with Rabbit and we’ll be debuting our new singlets this spring season. In related news, Mike fronted all of the money for these new kits, effectively making him the official team Don. All in all, it was a great fall season, with four new athletes making their first race appearance in an OZAC kit and many fresh PR’s. See chronological list and recap below:

Edmonton (EDM) Marathon - 8/9/18 - Mike (2:34:51, 4th place)

In August, Mike made the solo trek to Edmonton in search of a FukQual. As he’s run FukQual’s twice before on non-eligible courses, he was happy to find that the EDM marathon was AIMS certified. His dream finally came true in a primarily solo effort with superb pacing the first half (3:34/K), a brand-name surge the next 9k (3:24/K), the wall from 30-35K (4:15/K), and a final 7k of pure grit (3:52/K). Mike closed in an all-out “I will make it to Japan” sprint finish to grab the FukQual time of 2:35:00 and punch his ticket to the world’s hardest standard race outside of the US Olympic Trials. He also snagged our highest finish in an international competition - 4th overall.

Colorado College XC Invite - 9/8/18:

Seth 7th 25:51

Charles 28th 27:36

Micah 45th 29:00

Henry 46th 29:02

Don 48th 29:08

Old Zealand 4th out of 7 teams

Men from The Land made the annual trek to Colorado Springs to compete in the Colorado College XC Invite. As any Kiwi knows, there’s a certain magic in the shadow of the peen, with the gift of predicting future marathon pace over eight fairly unenjoyable kilometers, a fact that was demonstrated last year with 3 runners achieving the same average mile pace in this invite and CIM. With this pseudo-Yasso relation in mind, the Kiwis ran strong races. Seth led the team with a 25:51 fifth-place showing. He was followed by Chuck’s 28th place in 27:36. Micah, Henry, and Mike (fresh off of a two week post-EDM break) finished in a close bunch around 29:00, catching and burying a large group of collegiates and proving that old dogs may still have some new tricks. Although not officially scored, we did it ourselves and found that we took 4th of 7 teams.

Berlin Marathon - 9/16/18 - Henry 389th 2:42:43

Some days you’re the hammer and some days you’re the nail. On September 16th, 2018, Eluid Kipchoge was the hammer. On September 16th, 2018, Henry Wolf was the nail. Kipchoge went through the half in 61:06, a little behind pace for his goal. Wolf went through the half in 78:04, a little behind pace for his goal. Kipchoge picked it up the second half, flying to the finish in a world record, 2:01:39. Elsewhere in Berlin, as Kipchoge crossed the finish line, Wolf had been aboard the pain train for approximately 3K and was settling in for a long ride home. He eventually made it with the help of his longtime bud Brendan, who’d paced Tirunesh Dibaba for a while before getting hit with severe dehydration. Together they crossed the line in 2:42:43 and became Instagram famous from a Strava creeper shot documenting their misery.

Henry with hands on his head in foreground.

Henry with hands on his head in foreground.

Roadrunner Invite - 10/6/18:

Seth 13th 25:43 (Club record)

Garrett 47th 26:56

Don 63rd 27:27

Charles 77th 27:40

DP 97th 28:13

Eric 113th 28:51

Wolf 117th 28:56

Kraig 120th 29:01

Old Zealand 7th out of 13 teams

After nearly winning the damn thing last year, OZAC was back at the Roadrunner Invite hungry for a strong team finish. The field proved to be much more competitive than last year. The Kiwis still put together a strong team race, led by Seth’s new club record 25:42, good for 13th overall. He was flanked by Garrett in his debut performance in an OZAC kit, who ran an aggressive race to hit 26:56. Mike and Charles were not far behind, finishing in 27:27 and 27:40, respectively. David ran a very solid race, finishing in 28:13, one of his best efforts in XC at altitude. The final three featured two more OZAC debuts in a 10 second spread, with Eric running 28:51 and Kraig running 29:01. The debutantes were split up by Henry, who ran 28:56, fresh off two and a half weeks of post-Berlin recovery.

Indianapolis Monumental Half - 11/3/18:

Butcher 36th 1:10:51

Micah 44th 1:12:10

Don 57th 1:14:05

Three Kiwis headed back to the Land of Luck for the Indy Monumental Half Marathon, one just had to travel a much shorter distance. Butcher drove in from IL to run an impressive new PR, taking 36th overall. He ran perfectly even 5:25’s, splitting the 10K in 33:35 and netting a final time of 1:10:51. Micah wasn’t far behind, crossing the line in 1:12:10, his first attempt at the distance since college. Mike had a tough day, but still gutted out a 1:14:05.

Pumpkin Pie 5k - 11/17/18:

Seth 4th 16:03

Wolf 10th 16:31

Seth and Henry raced in the Pumpkin Pie 5k at Denver’s City Park. This race also doubled as the Colorado USATF State Championship. Seth took 4th with a 16:03 and Henry followed in 10th with a 16:31.

Mile High United Way Turkey Trot - 11/22/18:

Charles 5th 21:01

Boyle 23rd 22:25

Parkville Turkey Trot - 11/22/18 - Wolf 5th 16:19

MHK Turkey Trot - 11/22/18 - Nathan 3rd 17:00

Is it even Thanksgiving if you didn’t run a Turkey Trot? Four Kiwis represented the Land in three states. Charles and Boyle ran Denver’s Mile High United Way TT. Charles covered the 4 mile Wash Park course in 21:01, good for 5th overall. Boyle made his Mile High and OZAC racing debut, finishing a strong MJ 23rd place with his 22:05. Henry closed off his fall micro-cycle with a 16:19 5k at the Parkville (MO) TT, earning himself 5th place and prompting his girlfriend to tell her family that he won to make a better first impression. Nathan, in his OZAC debut, broke the team’s Kansas curse. His 17:00 at the Manhattan TT earned him 3rd overall, was a lifetime PR, and is the first documented good race for an OZAC athlete on Kansas soil.

California International Marathon - 12/2/18:

Charles 80th 2:22:32 (1:09:21 half & 32:46 10k for club records in those too)

Butcher 132nd 2:27:41

Chaz 199th (1st in division) 2:33:19

DP 230th 2:35:48

Don 582nd 2:51:10

Just like last year, the fall season closed out at CIM - all roads end in Sacramento. The beautiful course is the exact opposite of the typical Illinois gubernatorial route, instead starting at the prison and ending at the capitol. The running gods were smiling on December 2nd, and the fast field was blessed with excellent weather conditions. OZAC athletes took full advantage of this and there were a lot of fast times for the Land. After months of being beaten down by 100 mile weeks, Charles’ hard work paid off. He ran a huge time, crossing the line in 2:22:32, netting him 80th in a very strong field. During this performance Charles set three club records, one in the marathon, one in the half, and one in the 10k, as he went through 13.1 in near-OTQ-pace 1:09:21. Butch, clad in his shiny new 4%’s, Vaporflew to the finish, running a huge PR of 2:27:41, knocking over two minutes (but only 2%) off his previous best. For the third straight year, Chaz ran a great race at CIM, clocking a 2:33:19 to win the visually impaired division and put him in great position to make the Paralympic Team again in 2020. In perhaps the standout performance of the day, team captain David (or, as his mother calls him, DP) became the conductor of the PR Express. This well-oiled machine turned in a perfectly executed race, reaching the station in 2:35:48 to PR by more than six minutes. The 4% Gods giveth, and they taketh away. Although the Vaporflys turned Butch into Hermes, they turned Mike into Hephaestus (read a book, people!), casting him off Mt. Olympus and swelling his ankle to the size of a basketball, forcing him to limp to the line in 2:51:10.

From left: Butch, Mike, Chaz, Charles. (Not pictured: DP)

From left: Butch, Mike, Chaz, Charles. (Not pictured: DP)

Kailas Kokare Unknowingly Kicks off 2018 'Pink Shorts' Tour at Bix 7

Kailas returned to Iowa this past weekend to race in the Quad-City Times Bix 7. Setting a new PR and Old Zealand national record, Kailas finished the seven mile race in a blazing 34:44, good for 13th place and first finish by someone without elite race entry (also beating out our good friend Elite Collin from Philly). To commemorate Kailas, our upcoming fall season has been appropriately named the Pink Shorts Tour in his honor, in reference to his trademark pink running shorts. Kailas's intense racing grit was flawlessly captured in the photo below...ironically enough not pictured, his trademark pink shorts.


Spring '18

The OZAC Spring season ended a few weeks ago at the Colfax Marathon. Over the last few months we've run fast and slow, on tracks and roads, at altitude and at sea level, in wonderful and awful weather.

CSU-Pueblo Spank Blasing Invite - 3/31/18
The first official outdoor track meet of the year saw a gang of Kiwis run a track 5k at the Spank Blasing Invite in lovely Pueblo, CO. Although the track is situated in a so-called "Thunder Bowl", it proved to be more of a wind bowl, with antagonistic gusts on the homestretch reaching 20+ mph during the race. The wind wasn't enough to stop Kailas as he led the Kiwis with a 2nd place finish. The OZAC group was so large, it overwhelmed the timing company and several of our actual performances were muddled. Chaz was the second Kiwi finisher, running a solid 5k off of marathon training. Just weeks after his runner-up finish at the Woodlands Marathon, Mike ran a steamy race, executing the hang-onto-Chaz-as-long-as-possible plan to perfection. Davey continued his foray into shorter distances, following his Hearne kick-down in the CO Springs 5k two weeks prior with an identical time on the track today. Henry tried to hang with Davey, but eventually fell off. Hearne's back was acting up and he opted not to race today.

Kailas 15:36
Chaz 16:16
Dog 16:42
Davey 16:58
Henry 17:12
Hearne DNS (incorrectly shown in results as 16:16 and put Chaz's at 16:28)

Tennessee Relays - 4/13/18
Davey's original plans for a fast track 10k were dashed when he found out last-minute that the event would not be held. He ran a tough 5k instead, going out aggresively and hanging onto a pack running a fast pace as long as he could. He finished in 16:35, very near his personal best.

Boston Marathon - 4/16/18
Where to begin? Chaz made his Boston Marathon debut, returning to his hometown with hopes of besting his own national marathon record. By now we all know how terrible the weather conditions were, with frigid rain falling and strong headwinds blowing throughout. The chilly, damp conditions coupled with fatigue from redeye flights and numerous press appearances took their toll. After the half, Chaz's neuropathy really started acting up and he lost feeling in his legs. He fell a few times, but with help from the Mikes (Wardian and Matuszak) and a superhuman amount of grit he finished in 2:56:22.
Butcher also competed at Boston, running a perfectly executed race, winning the war of attrition. His effort was good for 2:39:42 and 136th overall.

Cherry Creek Sneak - 4/22/18

In the 10 mile, Seth, Kailas, and Charles scored 21 points for Old Zealand in the unofficial team race, taking 1st, 2nd, and 6th, respectively. Zach took the first non-scoring OZAC position in 19th. In the 5 mile race, Dave 5k moved up by nearly 2 miles to win, well ahead of the legendary RUNNER UNKNOWN, who could only scrounge up a 28th place finish.

Seth 51:55 (Club record)
Kailas 54:14
Charles 57:04
Zach 62:08
Dave 5k 26:32

Pittsburgh Marathon - 5/5/18
Davey continued his season of travel, capping the spring with a half at the Pittsburgh Marathon. He ran 1:16:03 and is really excited to get back to full training.

The O.C. Marathon - 5/6/18
Dirty Dave Marx ran a near perfect race at the O.C. Half. With dead-even splits Dave cruised to the win in 1:05:51.*

Sam Williams Twilight Qualifier - 5/12/18
Never one to learn from past mistakes, Mike returned to Kansas to race at another random institution of higher learning. Emporia State proved to yield no better results than Ottawa University, but misery loves company and he was able to convince Kailas to make the journey with him. Although not reaching their goal times, they swept the field of three finishers and netted a perfect 18 points for the Land! Kailas took the W with his 15:48 and Mike followed in 16:17. Despite the incredibly detailed results sheets from this invite, OZAC management has put a moratorium on all further racing in Kansas.

NCC Gregory Final Qualifier - 5/16/18
Mike headed to his alma mater for track redemption. He set a new personal best, covering the 10k in 32:28. Mike's former high school teammate Brett handled pacing duties until the final stages of the race, breaking away to finish in 31:56.

Colfax Marathon - 5/20/18
A gaggle of Kiwis closed their seasons at the Colfax Marathon, in what turned out to be our largest contigent to compete at a local road race. 

Seth ran the full, making his debut at the distance. Things were looking good as he passed through 20M at 2:28 pace and pulled within 30 meters of the leader. However, as he exited Mile High Stadium one of the posted race officials neglected their guide duties and allowed Seth to make a wrong turn and lose the course. This error added an additional 1.5 miles to his race and effectively robbed him of a sub-2:30 time and the win. Zach, the cagey veteran, returned to Colfax and improved on last year's performance with a 2:48:21, good for sixth place.


"Fuck Kaiser Permanente" - Kilas Kipkore

"Fuck Kaiser Permanente" - Kilas Kipkore

On the half side, Dave led from the gun and ran a solid race only two weeks after his standout performance at The O.C. He wound up taking 2nd overall with a 1:08:02. Kailas made his debut at the half, cashing in his 100 mile weeks for a new club record 1:10:40 and finishing 4th. Cale returned from the grave to run 1:13:38, good for 8th. Henry narrowly missed the results first page, running 1:17:10 for 11th.

Charles ran a 35:23 opening 10k leg in the marathon relay. His team eventually finished in 4:18:33. I made up both of these times, but you get the point.

Seth 2:41:40
Zach 2:48:24
Dave 5k 1:08:02
Kailas 1:10:40 (Club Record)
Cale 1:13:38
Henry 1:17:10
Chuck 35:23 (10K leg)


Dettmer Marathon - 5/25/18
After a 9 month build-up, Micah and Stephanie set the new club record for creating life, welcoming beautiful Eluid Usain Dettmer into the world at 5xVaporflys. They plan to limit his mileage to the 50's until adolescence.

Future World Record Holder Eluid Usain Dettmer

Future World Record Holder Eluid Usain Dettmer

* now that Meb has retired from competition, Skechers has been looking to OZAC to provide their next round of stars. Seth and Dave have been competing under the Skechers Performance banner and in their singlets. Although these are great races, they were not run in an OZAC kit and are therefore not eligible for our club records page.

Winter recap

Do you know that you glow when you go from winter into spring? - Anthony Keidis

We're into spring now, but before we get too excited let's look back at the stellar performances from the winter block.

  • 1/20 - Colorado School of Mines Twilight: Chris was the lone Kiwi to compete at CSM. Although kind of hosed by heat placement, he ran a tough race to win his mile heat in 4:39. The real triumph was realized in the final results sheet when it was discovered that he took down "master tactician" Bernard LaNgat (the "n" stands for not).
  • 2/2 - Colorado Invitational: Although none were invited to compete in the sub-4 attempt held the night prior, a large contingent of Kiwis opened their seasons at the CU Invite. Charles made his OZAC debut, leading the 5k pack in 15:55. He was trailed by an Icarian Mike (5:00 @ 1600, 16:36 @ 5k) and a rust-busting David (16:57). Chaz also competed commendably, but mixed up his laps (pretty easy to do when you can't read the lap counter) and finished a 300m lap early in 15:07. Chris ran another strong mile, finishing in 4:26 - which if altitude conversion is considered bests his own club record in the indoor mile. Hearne ran a solid opener, kicking off his season with a 4:44 mile. Brandon, in the midst of marathon training, threw his hat into the mile also and ran 5:02.
  • 2/24 - Illinois Club Relays: Hearne made the annual pilgrimage to his birthplace, the historic Illinois Armory (a beautiful example of a three-hinged arch), for Illinois Club Relays. There he raced the mile, setting a new indoor personal record of 4:37. Not only did he PR, but he dominated his heat. Sources say "he looked like a stallion" as he ran away from the field with 600m to go.
  • 2/24 - Phoenix Marathon: Brandon decided that the snowless Denver winter was still not dry enough and traveled to Phoenix to compete in the Mesa-PHX Marathon. He ran 2:51:57, later saying of the race "I didn't realize that the downhills would take so much out of me."
  • 3/3 - Woodlands Marathon: The allure of comped race entry fee, a crack at a Fukuoka qualifier, and steamed hams from Whataburger was enough to bring Mike to the Houston area for the Woodlands Marathon. Just three months removed from his sub-2:30 at CIM and with only a ten-week training block, Mike ran a strong race, finishing in 2:33:14 to take 2nd overall. With two competitive marathons in three months, Mike is well on his way to becoming Dish Network's Yuki Kawauchi. The story ended in heartbreak when Mike discovered that this race was, in fact, not a Fuk Qual, giving him two qualifying times on non-qualifying courses; he was left to wipe his tears with his $500 of winnings.

California International Marathon

Four Kiwis made the trek to Sacramento to compete in the California International Marathon.


Mike led the charge with a new personal best of 2:29:42, achieving the coveted Fukuoka Qualifier. He packed up with Butch, who set a 10 minute PB, finishing in 2:30:01 and also making the Fukuoka mark. Chaz went out hard, trying to beat his American Record (T12/B2 visual impairment category), but ultimately fell off pace around mile 20 and finished in 2:38:20. Henry finished out the pack, completing his debut in 2:38:57.

All in all, it was a great day and a great season for The Land! We'll be back soon with early season indoor meets and the Phoenix Marathon!

Mike and Butch kicking it with the ladies. They wouldn't share their "special" water.

Mike and Butch kicking it with the ladies. They wouldn't share their "special" water.

Turkey Trots and Club XC Nats

The last couple of weeks have seen some notable Kiwi performances around the country. Revel in the terrible-ness of the Indiana-based races.

  • 11/19 - USATF SoCal XC Championships: Josh ran 34:05 for 10K to take 7th overall. Running for his former team, he'll be competing in Lexington, KY in a couple of weeks at Club XC Nationals.
  • 11/23 - Drumstick Dash-Indianapolis: Dave ran 22:56 for 4.5M to take 7th overall and impress his fiance's family. This set the club record for "4.5M in a Jacuzzi Boys singlet."
  • 11/23 - Galloping Gobbler-Ft. Wayne: Chris "Christaff" ran 21:58 for 4M to take 6th overall. He was narrowly edged by Old Zealand alumnus Tate Schienbein's 21:26 2nd place finish.
  • 11/23 - Fort Collins Thanksgiving Day Run: Seth, Kailas, and Kaylee competed in the 4M race against a strong field. Seth ran 19:44 for 9th overall and Kailas followed in 20:25 for 16th. Kaylee ran 27:20, good for 127th overall (27th among women). Notable non-Kiwi's: Will Leer, Noah "Dirty" Droddy, and this man.
  • 11/23 - Mile High United Way Turkey Trot: David ran the 4M course in 22:12 to take 8th overall. He doubled back that evening to win 1st place in the team turkey cookoff.

Indy Half Recap

Last week four Kiwis traveled to Indianapolis to compete in the half at the Indy Monumental Marathon.  It was a great day for The Land as all four athletes finished in the top 50 overall and ran new or near personal bests.

Mike Matuszak made an ambitious bid for a sub-70 performance with a hot first 10k of 32:58. He eventually fell off the target pace, but still led the Kiwis with a 1:11:23. After different starts, Henry and David packed up with the top female at 5k and worked together for much of the race. They ultimately separated in the final 8k and finished in 1:12:27 and 1:13:06, respectively. Hearne made his flat/non-mountain half debut and ran 1:14:03 despite a injury-riddled last month of training. 

This race served as a great peak performance for David and Hearne and an important pre-marathon tune-up for Mike and Henry. Stay tuned for updates on Kiwi turkey trots and Chaz, Mike, and Henry's performance at the California Internaional Marathon!


Selected overall results, Indy Monumental Half

Selected overall results, Indy Monumental Half

Old dogs, new tricks

The Old Zealand Prius Tour continued with the Kiwis competing at two more cross country meets and several longer road races.

Following last month's finish at Colorado College, OZAC took 4th out of non-DI teams and 8th overall at CU-Boulder's Rocky Mountain Shootout. The Kiwis pushed through a tough course, and Mike's 27:47 narrowly missed Jorge Torres' course record of 24:07. He was trailed by Chris who kicked in a hard 28:36 to achieve the coveted 69th spot. Henry and David followed in 29:00 and 29:11, respectively. The surprise performance of the day was Brian's 29:56, who came to the meet to spectate and found himself on the start line one coincidental run-in with Henry later. Ross made his OZAC, post-collegiate, and altitude debut and ran a tough 31:29.

Never one to rest on their laurels, the Kiwis came back hungry the following week at the Metro State University Roadrunner Invite. Seth and Kailas kicked off their OZAC careers with a bang, finishing 5th and 6th overall in 26:16 and 26:27, respectively - good for the top two spot OZAC spots. Mike ran a strong 27:17 to finish 12th and Chris followed close behind in 27:35 to grab 15th. David rounded out the lean team with a 28:29, taking the 30th spot. In an exciting turn of events, OZAC was included in the team scoring and finished a surprise second overall, only 7 points behind host Metro State. This marks our highest team finish yet and in the wise words of Toby Keith, "I ain't as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was."

Elsewhere in the continental U.S., Sam ran a 3:28:36 at the Chicago Marathon after missing a large block of training due to injury. Ross turned in his first half marathon performance at the Sea to City Half, running a cool 1:18:20.

Across the pond, Brandon "Gittleselassie" fell just short of his previous 2:03:59 performance in the Berlin Marathon, finishing in in 2:48:55.

Many of the Kiwis are preparing for the Indy Monumental Half in November and California International Marathon in December, so stay tuned for more updates soon!

OZAC Kicks Off Prius Tour with 5th Place Finish At Colorado College Invite

"Oh I, oh, I'm still alive. Hey, hey, I, oh, I'm still alive"

After a long summer hiatus from recaps, we're back! Summer '17 was very eventful for The Land: new PR's were established, club records fell, and all Kiwis competed in as many World Championship finals as Ryan Hill! Before delving into all the summer performances we'd like to get into the most recent performances in the '17-'18 tour.

In true OZAC fashion a time trial was staged to tune up for the opening XC season. The 1st Annual Old Zealand DGAF Memorial Pre-Race XC 5k Time Trial (FAOZDGAFMPRXC5KTT, for short) was staged in the not-as-cool-as-expected hour of 8AM on September 2. Despite the heat and fact that it was a meaningless time trial, there were some impressive performances. Chaz sat-and-kicked on Mike, leaving him for dead with 200 to go, with the pair finishing in 16:10 and 16:14, respectively. Fresh off a summer of PR'ing in workouts Davey smashed his previous best 5k with a strong 16:33 "no man's land" effort. Hearne and Asher stayed close for a while to turn in times of 16:44 and 17:00, respectively. Henry was narrowly outkicked by his 16 year-old self, eventually finishing in 17:55.

When the Kiwis first arrived at Monument Valley Park for the Colorado College Invite, they could have never imagined what would unfold. Despite the starting packets specifically stating that club teams would not be scored, OZAC overcame the odds and made the five team podium and official results. Led by Dirty Dave Marx's 27:01 and followed by a tight Kiwi pack (Mike-28:14, Asher-28:19, Hearne-28:36, Chris-28:42), OZAC's 142 points narrowly edged host Colorado College's 148 for fifth. The Kiwis look forward to the rest of the Prius tour with optimism.

Notable summer performances:

  • 2nd Annual Kevin Hearne Memorial 2400: Hearne - 7:24 (fastest posthumous performance since Pre's 12:36), Henry - 7:27, Mike - 7:33
  • Portland Track Festival: Mike - 15:33 (beats 8 year old PR, still not 15:31), Henry - 15:55, Butcher - 16:12 (track 5k debut)
  • Bolder Boulder: Hearne - 35:06 (then PR), Asher - 36:27 (impressed girlfriend's parents), Chris - 37:26, Brandon (find the fastest 12 year old's time and subtract 1 second, no joke)
  • La Sportiva Trail Relay (Burning Can): Micah and Davey dominated, lapped entire field. More impressive when considering that each lap is 2.8 hilly miles.
  • Great Lakes Relay: Henry was a member on the winning co-ed team and overall runner-up
  • Cascade Lakes Relay: Mike was a member on the overall 4th place team
  • Run the Rockies Trail Half: Chris - 1:33:32 (4th overall, half marathon debut, apparently broke foot)
  • Classic 10K: Hearne - 34:26 (club record for road 10K)

Zero Kiwis Implicated in NYT Salazar Doping Article and Cray May Recap

May has been a busy month for racing for the Kiwis. Jay and Ye might even deem it "cray." Mere hours after Eluid Kipchoge fell short in man's (or just Nike's) quest to break 2:00 in the marathon, several bold Kiwis made a similarly shocking attempt - break 9:30 in a "friendly" 3K time trial. Micah courageously led Henry and Hearne through 2400m just slightly ahead of pace before dropping out and leaving them to settle the score of who would buy the other's beers that evening mano a mano. Henry ultimately came out on top narrowly eclipsing the goal in 9:29. Hearne finished close behind in 9:34. Said Hearne after the performance: "I haven't done it, but I now know it's possible. The world is only 4 seconds away."

"The world is only 4 seconds away"

"The world is only 4 seconds away"


The following week, Mike and Micah both ran 5K at the Friday twilight Colorado School of Mines Last Chance (5/12), with Micah running 16:32. Unfortunately, for Mike his 5K took place in the 10K and all he got for a time was a lousy DNF.  Hearne returned to Marv (not Mary) Kay Stadium on Sunday (5/14) to run a 4:21 in the 1500. Never one to rest on his laurels, he returned to the track less than an hour later to deliver a convincing last-place performance, running 2:07 for the 800. The same weekend, Henry journeyed to Boston to race at the Battle Road Twilight Meet where he ran a new lifetime best in the 5K, finishing in 15:31 and sparking a 10,000 word recap in his running log.

Last weekend it was time for the longer distances to shine. Zach and Brandon competed in the Colfax Marathon. Zach placed 6th overall in the full, running 2:46, which with altitude conversion is roughly a 2:00:25 effort. Brandon ran 1:22 for the half, a result that you can find on Strava, but not in the official results - weird. While the others were suffering at a mile up, Mike took to the cheesy streets of Packer country for the Green Bay Marathon. Mike earned his comped entry, finishing 8th overall in a tick (literally) under 1:14.

In a bit of good news, no OZAC athletes were mentioned in the New York Time's investigation into the Nike Oregon Project. Our money was on Chaz.

The track season is winding down, but we're still meeting for practice:

Tuesday - 5/23/17

     -  West Middle School @ 6 PM


Saturday -   5/27/17

   -  LR @ Magnolia Rd

Monday - 5/29/17

   -  RACE @ Bolder Boulder

If you have any questions or want to join in on the fun, please fill out the questionnaire on our CONTACT page or send us an email at


Ottawa Braves, Nature's Bakery Invite, Horsetooth Half, Cherry Creek Sneak and Some Race in Massachusetts

The last few weeks have been busy and filled with racing for the Kiwis. A small contingent ventured out beyond the Kansas part of Colorado into the Kansas part of Kansas for the Ottawa Braves Invite. They avoided boredom-induced accidents by letting Chaz drive the whole way and eating burritos that were intent on finishing out their lives in Colorado. Despite the eventful trip, the performances were underwhelming with Micah, Mike, Kronk!, and Davy fighting through a windy 5k to finish in 16:07, 16:38, 16:58, and 17:03, respectively.

A little more than a week later Davy traveled to Boston to compete in the 1423rd running of the Boston Marathon to celebrate Paul Revere's warning run from Lexington to Concord. It could have gone better, but he fb offish made mama proud!


Last weekend saw Kiwis compete all along the front range. Mike and Hearne returned to Fort Collins to race in the Horsetooth Half Marathon. Mike beat rival Brianne (of Tarth) Nelson by forfeiture, but was unable to reproduce last year's third place finish despite running within one second of last year's 77:36. The Hearne Fern Termination Tour continued, with Kevin improving a ridiculous 10 minutes on last year to finish in 79:37. Further south, Chaz picked up the W in the Cherry Creek Sneak, cruising to a 16:55 5k. The hottest races of the weekend went down at the Colorado School of Mines Nature's Bakery Invite. Micah ran a strong 15:30 5k, a new PR when altitude adjusted.  He was followed by Kronk! in 16:26.

This week's workouts:

Tuesday - 4/25/17

     -  West Middle School @ 6 PM

      2k, 5x1k, 400, 200 rest OR

      6M Fartlek

Saturday -   4/29/17

   -  RACE @ CSM Pre-Conference Invite

If you have any questions or want to join in on the fun, please fill out the questionnaire on our CONTACT page or send us an email at


Jerry Quiller Recap and 3/25/17 training schedule

Two weeks ago, some Old Zealanders competed at the Jerry Quiller Classic at CU-Boulder. It was a hot day and some good outdoor openers were run. Micah kept up his streak of running exactly his seed time with a 4:10 1500. Kevin's reign of terror continued with a second consecutive win of his heat, finishing in 4:24. In a move that still baffles some members of OZAC, Chris ran a tempo 3K, finishing in 9:43 and collecting a scalp along the way. When asked about the finish after the race he could only gasp, "I'm seven episodes into Westworld now and I still have no idea what's going on." Last week Micah raced the Colorado College Invitational, finishing in third with a 9:03 3k.

This week there will be two team runs:

Tuesday - 3/28/17

     -  West Middle School @ 6 PM

      5x9' @ 6:00/M w/ 1' rest OR

      20x400m @ 72 w/ 1' rest

Saturday -   3/31/17

   -  9 AM LR @ Highline Canal Trail OR

       RACE @ U Northern Colorado or Fort Hays, KS

If you have any questions or want to join in on the fun, please fill out the questionnaire on our CONTACT page or send us an email at

training schedule - week of 3/5/17

Last weekend three OZAC athletes traveled to compete in the Illinois Club Relays. There were some good performances with Mike running 9:22 for 3k and 2:12 for 800m ("the other half"). Henry ran 9:12 for 3k and 4:45 for the mile. His 3k saw him serve as "vic of the week" as he got got, losing his heat by 0.06s. Kevin ran 2:04 for 800m early in the meet but mysteriously disappeared after his cooldown. He was found several hours later kneeling naked in a glowing crater and blabbering about something called Skynet. Soon after, he was loaned a singlet and shorts and he went on to win his heat of the mile in 4:39.

This week there will be two team practices:

Tuesday - 3/7/17

     -  West Middle School @ 6 PM

      5x6' @ 6:00/M w/ 1' rest OR

      8M @ 6:00-->5:30/M OR


Saturday -   3/11/17

   -  9 AM LR @ Highline Canal Trail 

If you have any questions or want to join in on the fun, please fill out the questionnaire on our CONTACT page or send us an email at




Last weekend Micah, Henry, Mike, and David raced at the CSM Davie's Invite, finishing the 3K in 9:19, 9:33, 9:47, and 10:00, respectively. In a brave but misguided effort reminiscent of Pickett's Charge, Micah, Mike, and David doubled back for the mile and hit a wall just as the Confederate forces did, limping to 4:47, 5:08, and 5:12 finishes.

This week there will be two team practices:

Tuesday - 2/21/17

     -  West Middle School @ 6 PM

      4x1M w/ 1' rest OR

      2M-1M-1M OR


Saturday -   2/25/17

   - RACE @ Illinois Club Relays OR

     9 AM LR @ Highline Canal Trail 

If you have any questions or want to join in on the fun, please fill out the questionnaire on our CONTACT page or send us an email at

Training Schedule - Week of 2/14/17

This week we're gearing up a workout on Tuesday and the Joe Davies Classic at Colorado School of Mines.

Tuesday - 2/14/17

     -  West Middle School @ 6 PM

      4-6x1200m, 4-6x400m OR 2x2M

Saturday -   2/18/17

   - RACE @ Joe Davies Classic

If you have any questions or want to join in on the fun, please fill out the questionnaire on our CONTACT page or send us an email at

Training SCHEDULE - WEEK OF 2/5/17

The rust has officially been busted. This weekend featured the unveiling of the All-Blacks kit at the CU Open. Four out of the six athletes competing ran their season opening races, and our jerseys seemed to be a hit with the public...even a couple of legitimate kiwis.

Meet Results: 
Mike - 16:30*  
Henry - 16:59* 
David - 17:13
Brandon - 18:02*

Hearne - 4:54*

Chris - 2:01
Hearne - 2:11

* = season opener

This week there will be two team workouts:

Tuesday - 2/7/17

       - West Middle School @ 6 PM


       OR 5x1K @ 3:20

Saturday - 2/11/17

      - LR @ CO Springs Satellite Office 

If you have any questions or want to join in on the fun, please fill out the questionnaire on our CONTACT page or send us an email at

Training Schedule - Week of 1/29/17

This week saw Chris run a 4:23 mile in a tough heat at the Boston University Terrier Invite. For others, it was a good week of training and the first time on the track for a few OZAC athletes this season. This week, there will be more track and tempo fun on Tuesday, as well as a rust-buster Saturday at the CU Open in Boulder.

Tuesday - 1/31/17

       - West Middle School @ 6 PM

       3-5xMile 6:00-->5:30, 8-12x400m @ 80-->75 OR 2x20' @ 6:00/M OR 2x10x200m @ 33-->30

      - RACE @ CU Open

If you have any questions or want to join in on the fun, please fill out the questionnaire on our CONTACT page or send us an email at

Training Schedule - Week of 1/22/17

OZAC had a strong season opener at CSM Twilight last week. Chris ran 2:02 in the 800, Micah ran 4:38 in the mile, and David ran 17:31 in the 5000m. Due to the altitude and the fact that the Mines track is flat and 185.5738678 meters a lap, with conversion three OZAC athletes sit atop international leaderboards.* This week there will be two team runs:

Tuesday - 1/24/17

          - West Middle School @ 6PM

           3x15' OR 5x9' @ 6:00/M OR 16x300m @ 50"->45"

Saturday - 1/28/17

          - Magnolia Rd OR Waterton Canyon @ 9AM

          14-18M Long Run

If you have any questions or want to join in on the fun, please fill out the questionnaire on our CONTACT page or send us an email at

* At time of printing.**

** This may or may not be true.

Training Schedule - Week of 1/15/17

The new season is gearing up and so are the workouts. This week there will be two team runs:

Tuesday - 1/17/17

      - Wash Park @ 6PM

           14-16x400m @ 72-68"  OR  3200m-1600m-800m-400m

      - West Middle School @ 6PM

           2x20' OR 5x8' @ 6:00/M

Saturday - 1/21/17

      - RACE @ Colorado School of Mines Twilight Open

If you have any questions or want to join in on the fun, please fill out the questionnaire on our CONTACT page or send us an email at